Touring the Top End of The Northern Territory

We have had fun in the Top End of The Territory although I haven’t been inspired to blog. Probably because the ‘adventure’ has paused. We have been following the regular tourist trail on the bitumen which we have named the’ crazy travelling road show’. Mixing it with hire cars, tour buses, caravans and large numbers of Apollo/Britz campervans (containing sexy bikini clad Europeans). Yes, you detect a bit of envy there. The lovely waterfalls are churning with icky human soup. It does detract from the scenery. Okay that was a bit too diplomatic. It drives us nuts and annoys the crap out of us. We prefer our nature done in solitude but that’s the way the cookie crumbles on the bitumen at peak season.

Its early in the season up here and a significant number of attractions are partially closed due to crocodile management issues.  I guess it’s important not to have too many tourists eaten.  No canoeing in Katherine Gorge or on the Roper River, no access to Jim Jim or Twin Falls in Kakadu, no swimming at Wangi Falls or access to the Reynolds Track in Litchfield, no access to Douglas Hot Springs.

It’s okay though. The Top End is just a detour on our way to the West and it’s been nice anyway. We have had a few beautiful, noteworthy moments

Sunset at Mindel Beach in DarwinOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gunlom Falls in Kakadu National Park. It was quite amazing swimming on top of the falls on the escarpment looking at the view of Southern Kakadu.

Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park. Great camping and we found solitude in numerous waterfalls on the walk to Buley Rockholes. Too far for the regular crowd to hobble.

A wild buffalo at Umbrawarra GorgeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hiking to Sweetwater Pool at Edith FallsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And having Bittersprings Thermal pool all to ourselves at 6.30am. We foiled those gray nomads with our calculated scheming…..

We had to dip our hands into the hip pocket a little more here in the Top End. Too much time in civilisation has that affect but there is a bit of milking of the tourists happening too. At Gunlom Falls in Kakadu we paid $30 per night for a basic national park campsite. PLUS they want another $50 between us to even enter the National Park. This is revenue for Traditional Owners according to the guide.  A bit of ‘traditional’ greed happening there I’m thinking (or traditional administrators greed).  No wonder it gets referred to as ‘Kaka don’t’. It’s not everywhere though thank goodness. Only cost us $13 a night in Litchfield NP. We were lucky to get a campsite there. Its crazy popular but totally lovely and gorgeous swimming under waterfalls.

Anyhow our time in our beloved Territory draws to a close (for now). This beer swilling , tight arse, gypsy chick and her man are on our way to cross the border into WA and head for the remote 4WD only Bungle Bungles.

Remember – you’ll never, never know if you never, never go. Cheers from the NT.

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