An Adventure in the pipeline

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis blog site is about travel in remote Australia. The build up, the anticipation, the packing, getting the 4WD ready and eventually the journey itself. In June 2017 we will embark on on what we call ‘the big one’. A journey across the top of Australia and part way down the West Coast that encompasses some 15 remote national parks. it will include Boodjamulla NP, ┬áLimmen Bight NP, Mitchell Plateau NP, Karajini NP, Francois Peron NP and Mt Augustas just to name a few. We own a Toyota Landcruiser ute and our home is our Trayon Camper. Our “Royal Swag”. We love it. It’s simple but comfortable and with a touch of luxury in our eyes. We can cook and eat both inside and outside, we have a lovely comfortable bed high off the ground away from creepy crawlies and best of all we can follow any rugged track we like. Like a turtle we carry our house on our back. We often say to each other “Can you believe we are on the back of a ute?”

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